Transportation of oversized cargo

Those cargoes which because of the weight or the sizes cannot be transported in standard lorries concern to oversize goods all.

Transportation of oversize goods is the most complex and expensive type of  cargo transportation. Our company possesses the bigest practical experience in transportation heavy and oversize goods and offers clients a full complex of works on cargo transportations as from the countries of the Europe to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, and in the opposite direction.

Full spectrum of services, such as:

  • Reception of oversized sanctions and coordination on a cargo transportation.
  • Piloting (support) of a cargo by own cars of support, and if necessary cars of motor licensing and inspection department;
  • Transportation under the customs control.

Granting of a full spectrum of services allows us to organize and carry out deliveries of a cargo " HH - house to house".

In a current, cargo motor-vehicle pool of our company are 75 special platform for transportation of oversize goods. Among them special telescopic (sliding) platforms, with a possibility gauging up to 12 meters which allow to transport superlong cargoes. As well as special "low" (height from the ground - 30 cm) and "multiaxis" platforms, allowing to transport high and very heavy cargoes.

The qualified and skilled drivers will properly distribute a cargo on the car and will provide reliable fixture of a cargo.

Transportation of oversize cargo Libava Trans Holding Liepaja Latvija

Oversized cargo transportation from Germany to Cherepovetz, Russia on 5-axle telescopic special semitrailer. Cargo’s length – 22 meters. The picture was made on the area of transport - logistic company SIA Libava Trans Holding in Liepaja, Latvia.


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